Kit Salvatore Progressive Blue Gold Restructuring Tanínica Realignment 2x1L/2x33.8fl.oz

Kit Salvatore Progressive Blue Gold Restructuring Tanínica Realignment 2x1L/2x33.8fl.oz


The Salvatore Blue Gold Progressive Brush smoothes hair naturally and without harming the hair because its composition is completely free of formaldehyde and carbocysteine. A totally Brazilian product, this progressive brush is approved by Anvisa, the regulatory agency in Brazil.

Salvatore Blue Gold Progressivan brush accumulates in the hair, so it can be used as often as necessary, leaving your hair nourished, hydrated, straight and restructured. Its formula is free of formaldehyde, can be used in the most sensitive people, such as pregnant and lactating women, provided they have a medical authorization. It can be used on blond or bleached hair.

Action: It has in its composition extract of red fruits, guarana, green tea, macadamia, tucumã and cupuaçu that together act by moisturizing the hair, nourishing and repairing the damage caused by previous aggressions.

Contains: Blue Gold 1000ml/33.81fl.oz Cuticle Dilator Shampoo: Provides greater cleaning of the hair, giving lightness, softness and life.

Blue Gold Reconstructing Cream 1000ml/33.81fl.oz: strengthens the hair, bringing much more life to your hair.

Application: Apply Cuticle Dilator Shampoo and massage the hair gently while washing with your fingertips. Shampoo should also be applied to the back of the neck so that all hair is cleansed. Rinse the hair well. After removing all the product from the locks, completely dry your hair if you want with the help of a blow dryer.

Apply the conditioning cream on all hair, in order to leave all the hair moistened with the product. Wait 30 minutes for the cream to work on the hair and the properties of the progressive brush will be absorbed by the hair. Rinse off the cream completely.

Brush your hair to activate the active principles, and you will see the intense shine and satin feel, as if your hair has already been passed over the board. Divide the hair into very thin strands, and pranche on average 10 times, prioritizing the root more and passing less at the ends of the hair. This process is ideal for the glow and velvety feel to be activated on the wires as well as the intense recovery.

Once this is done, you can rinse with plenty of water and finish as you prefer. For blonde hair use the board at a temperature between 180 ° C and 200 ° C, not to dry the hair and damage the strength of the hair fiber.


Smooth and healthy hair, full of life and shine, with a deep hydration and recovered from previous aggressions.


We recommend that it be applied by a professional.

We recommend a lock of hair test before treatment.


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