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Richée Professional Bioplastic Progressive Brush reduces the volume of undisciplined and rebellious hair. Its formula, enriched with highly nutritious ingredients, will leave your hair smooth and with a renewed structure.
Professional Bioplastic Richée restores moisture to the hair fiber, essential for the health and movement of your hair. While the Professional Bioplastic Richée formulation acts on shape and texture with the volume reduction system, nourishing agents restore the vitality and strength of the hair.
After using Professional Bioplastic Richée, your hair will be renewed, with a natural straightening effect and much healthier.
The BioXBTx Mass Replenishing Mask fills damaged areas of hair and revitalizes the hair. It provides extreme hydration, emollience and shine, also preventing hair porosity, frizz and double ounces.

Murumuru Oil: deeply nourishes, has emollient action on the threads and is anti-frizz.
Try PROFESSIONAL BIOPLE RICHÉE 2X1000ml and prove results.

Richée Bioplastica BioXBTx Mass Repositor 500g
Richée Professional Bioplastic Anti Residue Shampoo 300ml
Richée Professional Bioplastic Texturizing Thread 300ml 
Professional Bioplastics Progressive Richée Application Board:
1- In wet hair, apply the shampoo and massage the scalp, length and ends of the hair until it forms foam. Rinse and repeat the operation.
2- Divide the hair into 6 parts and apply the hair texturer to each lock, keeping a distance of 1.5 cm from the root.
3- Dry the hair completely with the jet of cold air of the hairdryer.
4- Thin locks 10 to 15 times.
5- On clean and dry hair apply the mask lock by lock. Dry with dryer, board in fine locks and rinse.
NOTE: Wear gloves during the treatment.
Tip: For best results use along with the rest of the Richée Professional lines.

Application Tip BioXBTx Mass Replenisher 500g:

On clean and dry hair apply the Mask lock by lock. Blow-dry, board in fine locks and rinse.

Hair under control, vitalized and with natural smooth effect.

Tip: If you want to use BioXBTx as a mask just apply, leave a few minutes and remove, as a moisturizing mask. If you want to use as Botox after the progressive, the application should be done after 3 months of the progressive.