Lé Charmes Intensy Color Professional Silver Tinting Mask Hair Care 500ml/16.90 fl.oz


Lé Charmes Intensy Color Professional Silver Tinting Mask Vegetable Oil Hair Care 500ml/16.90 fl.oz

Developed with excellent active ingredients, Lé Charmes Intensy Color Matrizadora Silver is a revolutionary product, a great ally for those who suffer with the unwanted hair fading.

Its formula contains Vegetal Oils that provides resistance and shine to the hair. Its action is from the neutralization of the tone, avoiding fading.

The line is ideal for those who wish to mask the yellowish color of blond, gray and white hair caused by the action of time. The grape seed oil with lanolin has moisturizing and antioxidant qualities that provide hair with hydration, silkiness, and luminous shine.

Before applying, always test the hair strands. The result will depend on the tone of each hair.


Wash the hair with Shampoo of your preference. Remove some of the humidity with the help of a towel.

Insert 1 measure of Intensy Color Silver Matizer with 2 measures of white cream of your choice.

Apply the hue lock by lock, rubbing gently from root to tip. Leave a pause time of 3 to 10 minutes or until the desired color is reached. Then, rinse thoroughly until the product is completely removed.

It can be used after discoloration of wicks, highlights and reflexes. For better color maintenance, apply once a week.


Wonderful, matte, soft and incredibly silky blond hair.

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- 01 Lé Charmes Intensy Color Matrizadora Silver 500ml/16.90 fl.oz