Adcos Balancing Toner Oily Solution Matte Effect Facial Lotion 240ml/8.11 fl.oz


Adcos Balancing Toner Oily Solution Facial Lotion Matte Effect Oily Skin pH Balancing Clay Vegan Free 240ml/8.11 fl.oz

Developed with excellent active ingredients, Adcos Balancing Facial Toner Oily Solution controls the pH of oily skin and cleanses, removing impurities without drying it out.

Its formula has properties that help control excessive oiliness and reduce enlarged pores, giving an immediate matte effect and leaving it with a dry, silky and shiny touch.

The line is ideal for those looking for a fragrance-free and non-greasy product, promotes a fresh sensation and contains astringent power. It is indicated to be used before any makeup, because it keeps the skin perfect and shine-free.


Apply the tonic with the help of a cotton pad, with the skin already cleaned. Apply it daily, in the morning and at night, on the clean and dry skin. It will not be necessary to remove. Shake the product before application.


Skin feels fresh and wonderfully silky.

Package Contents

- 01 Adcos Balancing Toner Oily Solution 240ml/8.11 fl.oz