Ccrp Robson Peluquero 3x1 Home Treatment Hair Chronogram Moisturizing Oil Kit 3x300ml/10.14 fl.oz


Kit Ccrp Robson Peluquero 3x1 Shampoo Mask Oil Treatment At Home Hair Chronogram Moisturizing Oil Bio Acetum Technology 3x300ml/10.14 fl.oz

Developed with excellent actives, the kit Ccrp Robson Peluquero 3x1 Home Treatment has high technology rich in silk proteins and keratin

Formulated for fragile and chemically damaged hair, it promotes capillary reconstruction and restoration and can be used as a finisher or daily moisturizing.

The line is ideal for those who desire a daily treatment, as the results provide perfect performance. The pause time varies according to need.


On wet hair, apply the Treatment Shampoo and massage until a creamy foam appears. Rinse thoroughly.

Next, apply the Treatment Mask and massage lock by lock to better absorb the product. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

To finish, apply the Moisturizing Argan Oil to the hair, rinsing is not necessary.


Hair extremely treated, soft and full of life.

Package Contents

- 01 Home Treatment Shampoo 300ml/10.14 fl.oz
- 01 Home Treatment Mask 300ml/10.14 fl.oz
- 01 At Home Treatment Oil 300ml/10.14 fl.oz